Watain - 'Die in Fire Live in Hell' Limited Edition Digipak CD

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Ladies and gentlemen, we hereby announce the impending release of our live album "Die in Fire Live in Hell".

This album was recorded live and raw in Stockholm last year (2022) on the "Agony and Ecstasy over Europe" tour and is a testimony to the unhinged force of Watain in concert.

Track List
01. Ecstasies in Night Infinite (Live)
02. Black Salvation (Live)
03. The Howling (Live)
04. Black Flames March (Live)
05. Reaping Death (Live)
06. Devil's Blood (Live)
07. Serimosa (Live)
08. Not Sun nor Man nor God (Live)
09. Before the Cataclysm (Live)
10. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Live)
11. Nuclear Alchemy (Live)
12. Malfeitor (Live)

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